Monday, October 4, 2010

BacK AgaiN:)

YeeeHaA!!!!back again with awhole new mood...after along 3days event at PD and shopping in Melaka with dearest Mr really enlightens my mood to start this new day with a big smile on my face (and this murnin Mr J just call me and check up on me if im ok or not...nasib baik dier tak marah diriku ini sbb hari Jumaat takder heheheh) updated list to do and have done:-
i) props for post wedding picsy -byk dah beli tggal sket ajer...hehe:)
ii)hantar kain baju nikah this week or next week
iii)dah pilih baju bertandang...but January tahun dpn dtg balik to do the last selection at Sayang Creation (rambang mata uols!!!!!!) another post would be updated about it soon...
iv)this month settlekan doorgift + baju family and sedara mara..need to buy 2sets of kain for Solemnization and Reception..cant wait
Okla...mind tak stabil...need to do the tambahan analysis that has been given to me this murnin..ok la nanti sambung lagi....HAPPY WORKING:)

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