Monday, August 2, 2010

'AuGusT Has comE..But my MinD sEt Still'

Ive intended to post this in the murnin...but it seems im not feeling that well before lunch hehe..gediks kan...after LUNCH i was simply FINE!!! I guess im pretty hungry ek today..huhu...for sure its sounds crazy for me or what...but i just want to admit that todays MOnDay it seems HAPPY+EXCITING for me..(sambil wat Mexican wave uol!!!) coz ive really HATE my Monday's usually..but today it turns out OK!!! as ive come early in the office + seeing my clinical trial patient in the ICU (his conditions turns out okay!!!) and after that back to the office and manage the time to just blogwalking on some of the B2B blogs (before doing my analysis + database update) makes u enjoy and do feel the excitement like they do...when some of them share their stories on preparations + theme+door gifts im also busy with in that kind of state their goin through!!!huhu...its just that ive did'nt know how to start sometimes in talking about what i did for my weddings prep...heheh...coz there's lot of things that i just want to blurp it out...without stopping...i guess i'll be doin a full post of the vendors after the wedding itself i guess...mcm to lagi thrill la for now myb..akan post some of it..tapi tak byk sgtla..(sorry la yerk kwn2..kadang2 takder idea)..anyway some update's..last week when with my 2 besties (Syaz and Mirah) to "Pameran Pengantin KL 2010" at AEON Setiawangsa..what do we manage to find?? last we ended up booking a Studio Photoshoot with Creative LiteBox for only RM140 for about 1hour and half!!! as we got 30% off.Thanks to Syaz as she mention that she visited their website and also their FB(kalo tak dier bagi 10% diskaun ajer)..tup tap tup tap..dpt harga as for now..we are thinking of a concept to do that day as the photoshoot will be on the 14/8/2010 at 11.30am(until now still thinking)...consist of me,Mr R (pun join heheh),Syaz and Mirah.Gambar dierong shot mcm best...coz we love it for the 1st sight we ended up want to try it for ourselves...kalo korang nak try kat blog dieorng, ofis dieorng kat Bangi dkt ajer=) meanwhile this Thursday kiterong akan pagi memanjakan diri di TAJIRI spa(after magrib)...heheh...and not to forget this week 7/8/2010 we will be goin to Wani and Son wedding (majlis bertandang) yeahhh will be seeing Cammy to...ok back to work mode uols...XOXO

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