Friday, August 6, 2010

The posT with nO titLe

olaa....its Friday(yeahhh tommorow weekend) cant wait to meet up with Mr R...just misz him hehe...ermmm practically im a bit TIRED + SLEEPY today coz of my hectic schadule yesterday anyway im pretty glad that our clinical trial study has 3 patients already yeah!!!! so 22 more to go huhu....a long way to go...wats my tomorrow plan will be ermmm let me see..(needed to be noted as im usual to miss some parts sumtimes)

a) gOin to WanI's and Son's WeddiNg in Ampang
b) searching some props for our next week Photoshoot
c) finding ideas for our "GuestBook" and also "thank You"tag
d) maybe drop by to Taman Warisan on eating any kinds of fruits till you drop by just paying a sum of RM 20 per adult heheh...and kids RM15.
e) Mr R needs to try out his wedding outfit
f) lastly food Edward and Bella (cheh2!!!!) no la...were just like doing "Jalan2 Cari Makan" to new places....

Im also excited that my customade card which was done by my besties Syaz..finally has its full quotation..and now just left for me and Mr R decide which designs suites best hehe...then wallla...dah boleh tempah=)cant hardly wait...nanti akan diletak kat cni heheh...insyallah..ok la its 11 am now got to go for a quick meeting i guess...ok u guys enjoy ur weekends...XOXO


Camellia Alam said...

Nad, kawan ko syaz tu leh design kad segala ke?? tu hobi dia ke atau mmg dia ada bisnes???

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

kwn aku tu kjer dgn sykt graphic design...dier mmg wat bnder2 grafic ni aku nyer card ni customade la heheh....:)