Friday, July 30, 2010

"Couple of MonThs leFt"

Hye there....murnin pretty HAPPY + EXCITING today as this day marks as Friday (yeahh...nearly for weekend) although this murnin "punch card'' tertinggal lak..huhu...sbb tukar beg but anyway never mind coz its FRIDAY..heheh...(yeahhh tomorrow hanging out with my two besties for another photoshoot Syaz's Studio)..can't wait..well mcmnerla B2B yg lain nyer preparation wedding especially yang tinggal 6 months for the 'special moment' just like for me alhamdulilah la...byk jugak dah settle...Thanks bebyk dgn adernyer "Pameran Kerja Kahwin" kat Kompleks Karangkraf...mcm2 ada..although pening2 gakler...yang DIY stuff tak buat2 lagi...and the best part is..baju nikah tak hantar lagi...tak survey lagi butik yg ok with reasonable price...heheh:)hopefully manage to find that one good butik within this week...amin.Erm...byk gak nak bebel kat cni tapi...aderlak kejer nak k la have a nice weekend u guys...XOXO

p/s:congrats to my boss for his promotion from Manager to Senior Manager..for me???sabarla dlu yerk

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