Thursday, August 26, 2010

"RanDom TaLk"

Olaaa....everyone what a guD murnin today (no traffic + arrived early to the office) yeah!!!!as SelangOr is on public holiday (cuti Nuzul Quran) best2,but not for KL ...its really peacefull murnin sambil melayan2 lagu "MaHer Zain" best2...u guys should get his CD(lagunyer semua masyuk sgt...nasyid cara modern)...well I've intended to put this post yesterday,but as usual when uve start to have a bit rest there goes the phone call keep on ringing by Dr's who requested new ideas+ stats analysis (so there goes my minute of rest).Gladly its Friday today...LovE it...hopefully theres nothing urgent or clinical trial emergency...hope sgt2...ok2..anyway sorry u guys for not that frequently update anything about my wedding preparation for this month my family and I just taking a rest and focus on Ramadhan month+Hari Raya preps..but good news my wedding card has been riviewed by my parents and just need to print ajer lagi...yeah!!! but im still deciding on the colour cover (still hesitate although ive already decide which one...see my mind is breaking into two's again)..i'll guess i'll stick with the 1st decision...(pic of the card will be post later k...TQ Syaz for the incredible design for my customade you XOXO) and 2ndly cant wait to go to Melaka (Mr R's Hometown) for the fitting of bertandang outfit..hehheh...he still didnt choose what theme for his side...(biaser dah pergi butik pengantin Mr R pun rambang mater heheh).Ok ler kwn2..jom kiter wat kejer pada yang berkerja harini la ek...heheheh:)

p/s:schadule for this Saturday-berbuka bersama Songee's A3 (yeaHHh dpt jumper bb maisara) + doin DIY gift tag with Mr R (he'll be coming yup2)

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