Friday, April 16, 2010

Just WrItInG

Friday comes every day's work ive always waited for Friday...heheh ive just love Friday:)hehehe...tahu korang pun feel the same kan2?hehehe....well tomorrow let me see...erm whats my schadule all about..
*waking up early at 5am headed to KLIA fetching my little sis heheh...cant wait for gossiping
*goin to granny's house that evening(a usual weekend gathering)
* guessing to do sum buy some new blouse and top ..for next weekend trip with my frends hehehe cant wait....we will be "ThE TravelliNg HooD Of The SisTers KebaYa" instead of Pants....hehehe coz the place were goin is like lots of Kebaya..tradisional kebaya's...hehehe....can wait to check it out:)
*relax mind and Sleeping.....
*just wanted a happy weekend ahead:)

ok...nak g sambung kejer...hehehe just 2 more headed HOmE yeahhhhHHHH...k have A nice weeKend u guys:)xoxo

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