Monday, June 25, 2012

The Temporary Office..

Huhu...murnin wahhh i can't believe myself in updating this post in the wee hours hehehh...apparently im in the new/temporary office as the remaining office is in renovation(can't tell when it all be siap and everything)..well the place is quite nice..but it seems NO can't update ur blog while ur working(as eyes will be watching u..what ure doing) and unable to do BLOG surfing that i love...a big thanks to the dearest SUPERVISOR and ITS PROTEGE in giving me this such work corner of mine(tempat dierong nak best ajer,aku pun senior kot..ishk kroni2) really sucks...but i guess who cares that will not stop me in doing what i love to do...i'll still be updating it by menimizekan lagi window blog ku HAPPY WORKING for you guys out there..ceria selalu..:)


aTy _faRed~ said...

saye tau rasenyer..dolu2 pon macam tu..tempat duduk memamng tempat orang lalu lalang..susah gile nak buat ape2 [yang bukan kerje]..huhu..then sekarang.dah renovate n pindah tempat baru..baru ok..muwahahah...;p

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

aty:aaahhh betul2...heheh tuler hope sgt tmpat renovate bru ni nanti dptler tmpt ddk ok..and tak ikut pd kroni..kalo tak susahler nad huhuhu