Monday, December 5, 2011

It Has Been 5months ++

" its me mummy when im in 5months..hye!!!"

Its just feels like yesterday ive started to notice that im pregnant+the murnin sickness...but it seems im already in the middle of my 2nd just times fly right???heheh...then in a matter of time...there will be that date of "our bundle of joy" to see and greet us and the whole world...hehe(tak boleh nak bygkan that feeling time tu i guess...but now skang perasaan just takut nak deliver aderla heheh)starts from the 20th week ive already notice the baby's wat maser ni kadang2 kerap terjage from sleep...but not so la...while im typing this post pun bb dlm tummy ni gerak2 ajer..tak tahuler dier lapar ke..atau mmg active hehe...terasa byk kali perut ni berombak2..i'll be missing this feeling one day...heheh:) weight gain mcm tu jugak...naik 1kg at a time...overall skang just naik 5kg..kalo demam atau flu teruk sket turun la berat dgn mendadak...anyhow hope sgt weight nad tak melebihi 10kg(so that leh dpt ideal weight balik...doa byk2)aper pun2 nak bb dlm perut ni sehat and cukup zat:)so on the 18th Dec baru buat 4d scan and on the 27th Dec(the 6th followup)..baru cucuk tetanus..for mommies yg having 1st bb kener cucuk tetanus (2 times)..for the next Dr kater just needed 1 time only..hehe..."our bundle of joy"dah tunjuk its gender hehe...anyway it will be reveal after 4D scan la yerk hehe bru im guessing on my 6 months bru start beli brg2 semua heheh,,,so do pray for mommy + bb ni sehat yerk hehe...ok will be update soon...miszzz uols!!!

p/ 5months..still boleh pkai baju kurung pg ofis...certain yg diconsider longgar yang the rest of it dah tak dpt pkai..hehe...nak try tgk waktu dah 6months boleh ke pkai lg heheh..


Juliet said...

Cpt reveal baby sex!! :D

ciksuen said...

oh! untuk mummy baru kene 2x ek injection? kite br sekali je ni..

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

juliet @ elle:hehehe tggu songee...hehehe bg ko berdebar2 sket hehe...kner tggu after 4D bru direveal heheh

ciksuen:aaah cik Dr o&g bgthu for mummy bru kner 2 kali...selalunyer yg 2nd time tu dkt nak deliver bru dier inject yup2...thats what been me:)