Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Babies we've met + the Sneak Peek...

well this month me and Mr R rajin melawat2 new born bb..maybe nak mendptkan raser aura tu kot heheh...this month barula rasernyer kiterong start decide "what to buy now" and "not to buy yet" loving my bb listing everytime I see im feeling so excited while shopping for it..and this month pun raser best coz byknyer SALE everywhere now and then...ok lets talk less and just let the pics do all the talking heheh...beautifull babies to cherish always...:)

meet lil Rayna mum's friend nyer daughter punya bb (hehe pening kepala ku kejap)..she's so adourable..with her nice big eyes:)
meet lil mardhiah..dayah's(gang2 songee) 2nd bb..sebijik ruper suaminya ni attract pada warna black and when my hp yg berwarna black ni focus kat muker dier nak take pics senangla..sbb dier akan attract pd warna black here's the nice pic..sweet lil bb mardhiah:)

the sneak peek that we've waited all along to see




meet our bundle of joy(4D scan in 6month) u can see clearly its eyes,mouth and nose herehehe...ive ought to reveal the bb gender as ive promise right?but Mr R said tggu dulu la..after dah bgthu FMIL..baru dapat reveal...just want to surprise my MIL this christmas holidays..and tell its gender last sunday (18/11/2011) Ive had my scan detail with the Alhamdulillah everythings ok..they check everything in detail it last about 1/2 an hour..scan detail ni is quite pricey but its really worthy pd mummy2be..korang should see if there's any fetal pd bb or anything..aper2 pun we still berdoa supaya bb dlm perut sehat and cukup segala sifatnyer..and mudah nak melahirkannya..amin..everytime ive see this pic it makes me want to cry..raser mcm terharu pun ader..there's many mix feeling inside me i guess..but every feelings ive had now it sums to HAPPINESS...ok happy working u guys:)

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