Thursday, December 1, 2011

Breaking DawN Fever!!!including ME:)

Olaa!!!...heheh do guys feel the shivers as i am now? not sick apparently..hehe but its the shiver of the 2 clans im feeling edward and team jacob in the movies now..well I've opt to write this post on Tuesday but as lazziness that will not come to an end anytime terlambat la nak on Monday bundle of joy in the tummy..hehe..when to watch Breaking Dawn...fuhh penuhnyerla pangung wayang TGV Wangsa Walk tu...sbb time cutikan..and ramai yg nak tgk citer ni and Happy waktu tgk citer ni...time part awl2 when Bella and Edward got married..and the part when Bella meets Jacob for the wedding dance...ntahler tiber2 nangis... iguess its really touch my feelings at that time...when reading the books tak pulak when seeing those beautifull scene..mmg cry la..mybe becoz at last dieorng kahwin jugak...overall..citernyer ok...tak byk lwn2 kali ni as Mr R said so..and bykla scene yg kner potong tak best pulak kener beli CD la kalo nak tgk penuh..and bestnyer Edward tak nampak pucat sgt..his looks mcm dlm citer Twilight dlu..tak mcm Eclipse and New Moon...putih+pucat teramat kali ni he looks Jacob mmg always looks saper yg tak tgk lg...and a Twilight fan...pgla tgk heheh:)

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