Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why "JUNE" is so SPECIAL...

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Murnin!!!its a nice wednesday murnin...and its really special as its starts the month of june..hehe ive considered JUNE as my special+happy my birthday falls in this month...and same goes to my lil bro,and my dearest mum and dad...hehe...except for my lil sis her good month falls on Oct hehe(sorry sis...kesian birthday angah jauh) let me see...ermm...lots of birthdays means need to spend a lot on present ek!!! bro's is on the 4th june,mum-18th june,dad-25th june...and not to forget myself 28th JUNE 2011 which falls on TUESDAY (hehe gedikslak...birthday sendiri siap dgn harinyer jugak tak menahan) and not to forget my dear frend Nuran whose birthday falls on the 20th june and also shes getting married this weekend...lucky her all in the same month...ive need to start thinking also for a good wedding gift to sum things up needed to find 4 presents for this month only!!!ayayaya!!!!erm...xper2 think slowly baru dpt generate good ideas right? for me..this would be the 1st birthday that i'll be celebrating as a wife to Mr R...for gifts???erm...nahhh makan2 pun ok...and just a simple wish would do..heheh..(but hope to get this "one" thing for a birtthday gift..hehe tp berangan ajer dlu..kalo tak dpt takper) ok la dah byk gak bebelan pd pagi harini...hope u guys pun feel happy and enjoy on this month of june as it does for me..xoxo

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