Thursday, March 10, 2011

The MomenT of LOVE for Nadia & Hazman:Solemnization

meet Mr and Mrs Razkell
Hye uols!!!its been quite a while ive didn't write anything about my wedding as for today hehe...ive started working...workload is quite ok thanks to my collegue Iza...she's back after her long maternity leave...and maser utk update blog...heheh ader...yeah!!!anyway its gonna be abit I'll be writting it part by bare with me k u here it is..(a simple conclusion with some of the pics that were taken by my official photog of the day..tq Fly and Fad)

The Solemnization
Venue:Masjid Usamah Bin Zaid,Wangsa Maju
Date:25 Feb 2011(Friday)
Time:After Asar (5pm ++)
Attendence:My Family and relatives,His family and relatives,my dearest frends,and some of my family friends:)
Brides Attire:My own tailor..Kak Stella
Makeup:Fatin Azmi (Sireh Pinang Network)
Grooms Attire:Butik from Melaka (cloth bought by me..heheh)
(some pics also taken by my BIL and also dayah's hubby..nice2)
Dowry(batal air sembahyang) :A Ring for HIM and a Bracelet for ME
Akad:SEKALI LAFAZ..heheh 1st igtkan its still a practice session lagi..tgk2 yang time ni mmg tak time akad tak dpt nak feel2 nangis ke cry jugak when ive hug my parents..time tu emosional sgt2
here's the inside view of the mosque (its a new mosque up the hill) ive always wish that i'll be getting married there since the mosque is still in construction in the year 2005 i guess..heheh:)at last it's a dream come true

i just love my makeup for that day..i wanted it to be natural..and i do know that Kak Fatin has that midas making me look pretty:)

my attire was design by me with the help of all sorts af magazine la kan..ive wanted a simple baju kurung moden with a 2 layer at the hand..meanwhile the hand bouquet was done by my dearest Auntie sue..with the mix of roses+chrysenthemum i guess hehehe:)loves its fuchsia pink coloured heheh:)all the flowers were puchased from my mum's friend...kedai dier kat Pasar Gombak ajer :)

this pic was taken...while it's still u can see this is one of our DIY parasol...heheh Mr R yang spray the parasol + me yg wat the sticker "forever love" tu hehe...anyway its a worthwhile
making it...sbb dah kner hujan that day...parasol tu jadi tak elok just used it for a day only huhuh

love this pic of me and my dearest SONGEE frends...heheh..yang sanggup ambik cuti hari Friday to attend and memeriahkan lagi u guys muahhhhhhhh:)

(ive ask my frends to wear cotton baju kurung uol can maisara also wearing baju kurung cotton...kawaiinyer bb maisara...she is our 1st songee junior..2nd songee junior dah ader gak on the
1 March haritu and its a BOY heheh...congrats Shima:)

(p/s:thanks to the everyone who make my Part I a really special moment for us)


Camellia Alam said...

nad, jadi la pic kipas kita tu...hehehehe sukerrrrrr

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

hehehe....tu ahhh...bestkan hehehe...akhirnyer jd gak heheheh:)