Friday, March 25, 2011

BehiNd ThE SceNes...of KL ReceptioN

Murnin last heheh im writting what had happened behind the scenes of my wedding and what the bits by bits of it....overall there's nothing to complained about coz from my point of view...this is what ive expected it to be...although there's somethings that worries me about upon the wedding but it seems...everything perfect as it is....ive known for my laziness in writting long and long i guess let just the pic do all the talking....and a simple caption that might for the dearest silent reader or any b2b who do come across my im hoping ive could help some of them out there...for a clearer view to how plan their im here to give a helping nad jgn bebel2 byk lets start hehehe....ok2 back to the mode....Overall my wedding plans...takes for about nearly a YEAR...tapi tu pun rasa mcm tak cukup maser...hehe....tapi mmg best sgt!!!raser mcm nak ajer lalui sekali lagi perasaan like this heheh:)but it would be just a beautifull memory in a gurls life that would never be forgetten:)so jom layan pics...enjoyce!!!!

this is the attire that ive bought from a butik in Semua House(sgt la cheap!!!!)...utk pengapit laki and pengapit it:)

heheh,....sajer nak interframekan gambar pakai inai...ive ought to choose the simple and usual yang org dlu2 mum like it this inai pakai dgn bantuan fifi and sepupu...pakai tiub inai mekah ajer...heheh...paling tahan brand RANI...ader yang brand RAMI...tapi tak tahan

so this is for the GROOMS nyer side...goodybag(paper bag warna silver)..ader muffin (between chochlate and blueberry),tempat candle+candle,bunga telur (takder pic its light pink+white in coloured) and a HANDMADE brooch made out of satin...tajaan the owner of the blog(coz dier adik kpd my aunt...she made 30 brooch for me) thanks kak the name of her blog craftypeachcards
tryla tgk hehehe:)

this is the gift for the women...the guys got muffin as like the previous pic...meanwhile kids dpt lolipop swirl yang warna warni(pic tak sempat tangkap heheh...dah hbis...tapi mmg sedap..size sederhana besar)..meanwhile the gift tag on each gift is DIY by me and MR R...MR R who is the one yg sketch the for responsibble for the suggestion+ the one who approves ok or not+and the one who prints it heheh at home...thanks to my printer for the help...byk nak print huhuhuh

here's the ice carving heheh...that was done by the caterer...ader pic of me and mr R in the ice carving...when it shows the pic of us...heheh...thats what Jacky said to me....but sad...ive tak sempat jln2 tgk kat area ice carving tu...just sempat tgk kejap ajer time nak berarak g ke pelamin

bagus betul sepupu aku Sarah @ Nonet ni...she really does give a helping hand in handling the guest frame booth ( tak tahu nak panggil ive just go with the name of"guest frame" although it seems awkward hehehe) ive buat 2 for now those 2 frame ive hang nicely at my glad that ive decided to do one:)

p/s:after this nak wat pose for pelamin lak heheh...wah berkobar:)


Cik Puan Syafa said...

waaah cute nya brooch tu...huhu
nak satu juga ^__^

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

Cik Puan Syafa:hehehe...cutekan brooch tu heheh....nad pun nak satu hehe...haritu utk guest ajer...nad tak dpt pun...nak order la satu hehe...lain dari yang lain:)

Piu Piu Berry said...

Don't worry i took photo of the ice sculpture for you... Hehehehe....

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

piu piu berry:hehehe jacky miszzz u so much:)heheh really u did took some pics???hehehe jacky when we want to meet?