Monday, July 19, 2010

'BrIght SunNy DaY'

Well...on Sunday(me,Syaz and mira) just trying out for the outdoor photoshoot.. as ive ask Syaz if she can take our pre wed photos instead...hehe lagi safe and leh gedik2 tanpa malu cheh2...anyway she said jom kiter try out(Syaz takut camera dier tak mampu capture pic gan ok) anyway i do think its OK...simple + nice ..what do u guys think??? before that ive buy some props for this trial outdoor photoshoot (bubble gun + bubble ballon in a bottle)..the venue is at Taman Tasik was 11.30 am...ok la the weather tak panas sgt..HAPPY sgt heheh...hope dpt wat lagi mcmni heheh....after that photoshoot terus kiterong kat Pavillion and dibelanjer oleh Mira ke GODIVA...TQ dear...k la byk membebel enjoy the pics:)

me yang tak pandai tiup bubble baloon

me and syaz

mira yang sentiasa happy

us having fun

luv u guys xoxo ( ni pic diriku yang tangkapkan heheh)

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