Monday, May 31, 2010

~Is It Still EarLy???~

Wedding Countdown Ticker
Its Monday...boring!!!...but it to early for me to count that special day of mine??or is it just right???anyway ive just love to put a wedding ticker...for todays it makes me always remember on what that ive already prepared and not....eventually im like 0% not starting any....just searching for vendors...already had in mind and will be starting doin is....1stly book the wedding hall(tomorrow insyallah),attend kursus kahwin on July,discuss about the wedding card with my frend syaz who will help me in doin it for me..thanks dear:)..,send my nikah outfit to my usual tailor..she has that midas touch,generally thats what i had in mind for a start....the list will be continued...after this few important things that ive mention settle...baru leh wat yg lain2..kan...and not to forget nak g Masjid (sory namer masjid tu tak igt,tp ia adalah tempat yg diidam2kan oleh driku utk bernikah disitu) moga2 dptla...heheh:) theme still samar2...kalo org tanyer...still jawapannyer BLUR...hakikatnyer warna baju dah decide to overall wedding theme..still tak mum ask me not to she said "takper2 nanti kiter tanyer pendapat abg boy k...he has that creative idea"..abg boy is our wedding planner coz his the one that also handle for my E-day(u guys can see it in my post on Feb2010)...hope he has that creative idea for me...cepatnyer maser berlalu...huhuhu...k la nak sambung kejer:)

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