Thursday, May 20, 2010

Am I'm KeePing My WORD??

Blurr......DUhhhh.....huhu....well it seems im missing my dearest blog aka my little life im not keeping my word on not updating anything for this month as im quite bz...and no mood eventually...but as i was blogwalking on b2b blog finding infos and also trying to find a gud nice spa...for me to go to after this....ive drop by to sum b2b blog...she does this this tag i guess or a sum question that she create probably...thats makes me interested to put it in my blog...and give sum answers for seems fun and sweet...and all that fond memories of me and him that able makes me realise that somehow...we need to "fight for this love" to make it work...(as for now...tgh not in good terms...biasala darah manis...anyhow hoping that things will be ok) let me see....preety exciting to do it enjoy.....u guys xoxo...maybe u would like to try to ehheh....("_")
the ques begin like this......
1. First time jumpa your hubby to be when and where?
-1st time???i guess in the year was high school ( were in the same school....boarding school which consist form 4 and form 5 students)..i guess i realise his there Form 5 as his one of the prefect in school
2. Love at first sight? would be the 2nd for me..and the 3rd for him i guess..heheh...
3. Who is he when the 1st time you met him?
-well the 1st time ive met him generally is in year 2007 (erm...7 years after school)...thats because..were started like being 'Friendster' frends ive called it...after both of us are through our old relationships...time skola tak penah jumper or talk pun..just selisih2 ajer...who is heat that time?? his already working as and Eng at Johor..although the 1st time he introduce himself his a technician...i guess he wanted to know if im choosy and picky i guess..eventually my heart just said that this guy is bloughing...coz i am choosy...
4. How long it takes for him to ask you out for a date?
-let me recall back...ermm...i guess after 3months of knowing each other..we decided to met:)
5. First place dating?
-KLCC...the best part is i was 1/2 and hour late( i make him wait though)...although my house is near to half and hour or approximately 20minits by LRT..hehe..and he was driving from Johor to Melaka and to KL..pity him....bad example ive shown huhuhu
6. How he proposed? his own way i guess...but i really dont remember how...huhuhu
7. Special date with your becoming to be hubby?
-i guess it would be the 17th Dec 2007 but the most special now it would be...14 Feb 2010
8. Changes that he asked you to do?
-changes...well he asked me to be more sum stuff..and dont get mad that big headed it???sumtimes???or everyday...huhu
9. What is about him that you love so much?
-we have things in common...we like the same thing..and we had the same previous love life also...we think a like too...that remarkable right??no matter how much ive mad with him sumtimes..but it seems..i just couldnt mad at him that long..although merajuk lamer..but still ive easily cool down..and dgr kater when im with him...kalo dulu tu makaih!!!...just tanyer my family heheh...they know how i was like back then...
10. What is about him that you wish he would change?
-ermmm for now nuthing...coz ive guess through out the way of our relationship for this past 2years...he had change a lot for making us to stay together for such a period of thankfull for that...
11. You will lose your mind and crack your head when his..
-sumtimes he didnt understand in how i want him to an example when im like down..i want him to be saying like this like that...but apparently he will be different then i thought,although its the correct thing to do...but sumtimes my mind just cant take it...heheh biaserla gurls kan selalo ajer time of PMS...
12. You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he....
-would come and visit me..once a month or 2 times a month...its really hard to having a distance relationship sumtimes...when he came and visit me...i would like not stop smilling coz he was in front of me and spending our time 2gether:)
13. Complete sentences, "Your love towards your hubby to be is as big as..
-moist chocholate cake with strawberry on the love towards him is uncomparible with anything...its unnoticable..but its there...and he knows that im not gud in words to describe my feelings to him...but he knows my true feelins for him..but as all that i could said...i was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him....xoxo

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