Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Its Gonna Be a HAPPY weekend...:)

Hye uols...heheh misz me ek?heheh just kidding...but for sure ive misz updating in this petite blog..and keep babbling what ive think best to say....while updating this im hearing over and over again Cristina Perry tracks....really lit up my day...from the stress of workload im facing...thank goodness..(so do bare with me if tiber2 kuar ayat jiwang through out this post hehe...layankan ajer yerk..hehe) already in my 33weeks...and Alhamdulilah my health is still OK..kaki tak bengkak,still can able to walk in big and small steps (sambil jln laju2),muker tak kembang...ive always wish that ive can be like one of the mummy vogue's out there(Allah perkenankan doa nad)...hehe so consider mcm mummy vogue gakler 8months ++ ni still leh pkai some of my baju kurung...sgt happy ok..sandal pun tak perlu takderla beli byk bju maternity...sbb still can wear the old clothes:)but weight dh naik precisely 10kg.But some of my frend ckp tak perasan sgt la nad naik(bhgian behind ajer yg nampak naik..teraser J-lo pulak tiber2)...but hope so dah tak naik2...just bb ajer biar naik berat lg..>2.5 tp <3.0kg doa what ive did last weekend with Mr R to enjoy our freetime main game kanak2 riang kat JJ wangsa maju best2(sorry bb tak sempat nak babymoon while you're still in my tummy..coz mama and papa nyer timetable tersgtla hectic..but papa dh promise nak bwk kiter pg jln jauh2 next year..cant wait:)..tggu bb kuar and besar sket..baru best jln2...)

Mr R tgh kusyuk tunjuk talent main game dance for me..watching + cheering up..(sbnrnyer sajer mmg suruh dier main...suruh dier tunjuk talent heheh)

Tup..tap...tup..tap...its nearly come to left just 2more months heheh...when we all can see you lil bundle of joy...everyone is excited especially mama and papa...ramai yg keep you look like nanti...will you have mama's eyes..nose ke???and some ur aunt and granny...hopping you'll have 2 nice dimple on your both small they say its the cutest defect that god have created to people...heheh just like ur papa...aper2 pun...mama doa mama ni dilahirkan cukup sifat,sempurna,and sehat..thats what important..and i know one day ur gonna growup to be u with all my HEART:)

counting the days....tick tock hehe

This 25th Feb...marks the 1st Anniversary for Mr and Mrs R,tak sangka were already nearly 1year of marriage...alhamdulilah im really glad that Allah ketemukan me to you Mr've really teach me how to become a good wife+obedient..and change me to be patient+tak mad2 sgt...hehe make me feel better and calm(plus for this anniversary will be sharing the best present of all with our bundle of joy yang bakal nak pop really soon..hehe)..i hope that our love will last forever till the end of time..with our new family ahead..luv u Mr R..xoxo

a pre advance wish...hehe

HAPPY 1st Anniversary

Mr R..hehe...xoxo

"And all along I believed

I would find YOU

TIME has brought your HEART to me

I have LOVED you for a


I'll LOVE you for a THOUSAND more"

p/s:this week will be busy..for Dr checkup +majlis kesyukuran for me secara kecil2-kecilan

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