Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Update on Baby Stuff

Hye uols!!!today jalan dah jam due to bdk2 sekolah dah habisla ke"happy"anku dtg kejer dgn tenang without heavy traffic...anyway alhamdulilah..sampai awl jugak kejer...heheh:)so one of my resolution for this year is...drumroll to update this blog tanpa byk sgt mood kemalasan..maybe within a week 2 post ke...I'll try my best to do that...coz skang ni..sleepless nite dah takder dah as bb starts to kick every now and then...tdo pun dah tak baper selesa sbb perut dh besar...sgt2 tak sangka then within next week marks my 3rd trimester(cuak sesgt...apabila dgr citer2 kwn2 psl delivery..make my feet and hand cold enough when hearing to their stories)anyway berdoa sesgt2 everything would turn out find and everything is smooth sailing aminnn..well on 7/1/2012 will be my 1st antenatal class for the first session prior talking on topics in diet,labour pain,preparation and exercise...meanwhile on the 14/1/2012 will be the 2nd session about breastfeeding and handling your baby..i guess they also make tours lawat labour about that nanti ive update nantila yerk dgn lbh detail(after dah attend those 2session) about my bb and Mr R...just ikut this simple list kat bwh ni..tadaa...and some certain things yg kiterong tambah2 sndri pun ader...

here's the bb checklist yg kiterong ikut..sbb simple+padat

So 1stly..kiterong decide to start beli brg bb stuff when im 6month++..sbb my mum pesan and ramai org2 tua pesan tak elok beli brg2 bb awl2 kiterong start beli things bulan 12 1stly as usual wat research..find the pros and cons...berbaloi ke kalo beli atau drpd ibu2 yang dah laluinyer..from the list weve started on focusing bb's bedding needs first,then later followed by bb's wardrobe,bb's toiletries,bb's healthcare,bb's nappies,bb's feeding needs and lastly bb's travelling needs.So perkara yg dah disettle baru bb's bedding + bb's clothing..yang the rest tu..nak disettlekan within in the month of January-March..(im pretty happy coz bender2 yg penting dah byk beli heheh) after a lot of consideration...we decided to bought this 4 in 1 baby cot that we've bought at mybbstore..with a good price package..yang has FOUR different usage..which is as a COT,PLAYPEN,SOFA BED and SINLE/JUNIOR BED with bedrail ( up to 5 years old) ok la least our bundle of joy dah ader bed sndri nanti when she's 3-5years old..hehe..we bought it in white (warna suci hehe...and matches everything in our sebenarnyer nak warna brown yang light dah hbs stock)..this bb cot kiterong beli which included bumble bee latex mattress,bumble bee 4pc crib set and bumble bee latex pillow with cover in the sgt2 reasonable price..kalo beli asing bedding bumble bee 4pc crib ni its worths rm219.19 tak termasuk mattress and pillow nyer..tapi nasib baik before coming to mybbstore we stop by di one baby world and purchase bumble bedding 4pc crib +pillow set yang setiap satunyer 20% byk2 sgt skang baby ader 2 bedding set yang boleh ditukar2..nanti nak cari lagi satu extra tp brand lain la pulak..and cant wait nak tgk nenek(my MIL nyer mother) nyer bantal besar,bolster,and bantal kecik yang nenek jahit sendiri and nanti letak kekabu dlmnyer hehe(nenek mmg akan buat utk setiap cicitnyer)...really cant wait..timer kasih nenek:)so skang hope sgt ader byk lg sale brg2 bb time dkt2 nak CNY ni heheh...k la dah byk citer utk harini...nanti kiter sambung..tata

this is one of the design yang we've bought for our "bundle of joy"heheh..tak sbr nak pasang cot and tgk how it fits in:)

p/s:pics of the things we've get nanti kiterong upload la hope menjadi info for mummy's to be out there yg reading this..


Juliet said...

Haaaaa... dah tau gender.. U just type it "SHE'S"

Hiks! COngrats nad! =)

Tak sabar jugak nak ade lg baby songee!! =)

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

juliet:hehehe yeker?heheh....thanks beb...heheheh...ko nyer dh tgk tak??
heheh tuler tak sbr heheheheh