Monday, November 14, 2011

We're Still Guessing...:)

guess who???

Hye uols!!!its lunchtime and my boss is on leave(plus bundle of works settle)....what a best time it could be hehe...well its been 4months + + for me...and next week i'll be 5months of times for now jln pun takleh laju2+jln dah termengah2 sket...before this naik turun tangga masih ok lg...skang kener kurangkan sket speendyer...heheh...29/11 hope to see the baby's gender...harap sgt dier tunjuk it a boy or gurl...(ramai yg guess it would be a boy)but for me and Mr R kiterong tak kesah is it a boy or a gurl...asalkan bb sehat walafiat dan just sharing u guys a few pics(that my hubby insisted on taking to reveal the bb bump...suker sgt dier)place of scene di Taman Seribu Bunga,Melaka(last week blik kg FIL) sajer2 la pg jln2 and taking pics on Saturday evening..heheh(ramailak pengantin bru yg ambik pic kat situ sekali for the post wedding...kiterong pun join sekaki heheh)..layan....enjoyce!!!!

front view of my baby bump heheh..
side view of the bump(ehhh Mr R pun nak join heheh) looking chubbier then ever

p/s:some pics that one day im able to show to "our bundle of joy" we love u so much(although ur still in my tummy)heheh

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