Friday, November 4, 2011

Dream Of "Dolce Gusto" beside my bed:)

"One Hot Chocolate with Whip Cream plzzz"hehe....ermmm how delighted to have a cup of coffee or my fav hot choc from Starbucks...early this Friday murnin...and meanwhile its raining heavily exquisite it sound would be...(but oopss preggy mum shouldn't drink coffee in their early or late pregnancy..kecuali teringin sgt just a sip or two k uolss!!)anyway here at my workplace there is Gloria Jeans just open for several days ahead but still it can't able to compete Starbucks...heheh...(nampak sgt dah kner mandrem Starbucks coffee and choc chip freezynyer) hehe...for the love of i use to drink Nescafe 3in 1 original while my studying years at UKM(to stay up late siapkan assighment)+drank it with Mr R while watching our fav movie...and you can prepare with just a single PUSH...hehe...checkout down here!!!tadaaa...

from left to right:Piccolo,Circolo,Creativa and Melody 2

Nestle Products Sdn Bhd...had just featured us to all Malaysian people the..."Nescafe Dolce Gusto" u can prepare uve lovable nescafe with 4 different taste with just one small capsule by a single push...see how easy it is like ABC...let me explain from the pic above..they had 4 types of coffee makers(but their only 2 types that eligible here and its Piccolo and Circolo)...their features:)

Piccolo-compact design&makes up to 3 beverages before needing to be refilled

Circolo-similar features to the Melody 2 but with a blue LED to show of your hot beverage

Creativa-Programable cup size&automated brewing complete with an LCD screen

Melody 2-the current Dolce Gusto model
As ive mention we able to purcase Piccolo and Circolo for Piccolo the retail price would be RM399(0.6l capacity) and it comes with 3 colours red,white and titanium. Meanwhile for Circolo you're able to get it for RM699 as it 1.3l capacity and comes with 2 colours red and anthracite(heheh tak thu mcmner ruper colour tu...u guys can google it)..although it sounds a bit exspensive for a cofee maker...but i guess its worthwhile to have one heheh...its easy peasy to use then the ones that eligible in the market(as it is differ from othersla)
so here is the 5 different taste of Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules(but here we only have 4 taste in the market which is espresso,cappucino,latte macchiato,and mocha...minus the caffe linggo)each boxes contains 16capsules worth RM27.99...dont know if they sell it in bulk heheh(berangan lagi...nanti takut hbs cepat heheh kner beli lg capsules)...can i have this thingy Mr R??after my confinement ker??hehehe...cheh2 high hopes...anyway wish to have one beside my bed...wahhhh such a heaven(well this post tak berbayar yerk...just to share thought about it heheh)k..happy working uols:)


Syukri Mohtar said...

mcm best je coffee maker ni..tapi ade jual kat area2 KL je..

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

syukri mohtar:owhhh yeker??takper2 leh ajer suruh kwn2 kat KL tolong belikan...heheh