Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Im Being So Lazy to Update This Blog??

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I've guess some of the people out there guessing was true...although I've keep myself silence for a while...not bcoz I didnt want to share the story about my bundle of joy...but Im practically tired and having quite a BAD murnin sickness after entered 2months of my preggy month...heheh..sorry yerk uols!!!but today is Friday and also im feeling a bit better after eating this Skittle Sour that Ive bought 2 days ago heheheh...Im gladly to say that im pregnant for 2 months and 9days to be exact...:)...and last Monday was the 1st time Ive saw my bb on the 2D scan(as im doing my follow up at Perubatan Naluri..but still deciding to delivered where???heheh still seeking and doing some research..but ive already opt a decision of my own..but anyway its all considered to the baby's condition) just left me speechless...seeing its small petite size 2.03cm and his/her beating heart...just makes me wanna cry with joy...the Dr also showed Mr R..."see this is the bb's heart and there is the food tube"..its really such a miracle thing...time Dr scan ajer terus nampak...cantik ajer gambar sad to it was raya so the scan takleh print dah hbs(kalo tak boleh scan ltk kat cni hehehe)...Dr tu ckp org yg sepatutnyer hantar film tu still cuti next followup la leh print hehehe...ok i guess its back to work mode:)happy working u guys...

p/s:do pray for me k...semoga bb dlm tummy ni sentiasa sehat dan selamat until the delivery date heheh...insyallah it will due on the 11th April 2012:)..k nanti ive update lg k


Wani said...

congrats to u n man!!!take care!

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

thanks wani:)