Monday, September 19, 2011

My day's

erm....just dropping by to say hye...
pardon me for not updating quite sometimes now heheh(although my heart urge to write sumthing everyday)
as im practically feel dizzy while seeing the screen of my PC in the office or at home
at certain times Im unable to do anything as im having murnin and evening sickness
Ive miss eveything about blogging...hope this 1st trimester sickness will fade away soon week naddy's bb will turn 3months heheh...
the bump has been reveal abit i guess...but not to obvious...
2nd checkup will be on the 3/10/2011(hope to have a copy of the scan heheh...harap sgt film tak hbs)
okla...i guess until here that bim able to babble...heheh...maybe after 3months I'll be feeling ok ker...insyallah...doa byk2(im starting to feel dizzy again)
ok u guys miszz ya....xoxo

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