Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From KL to Sacremento

Fly...Fly up to the sky....alhamdulilah Mr R has safely landed at San Francisco around 5am approximately 1pm takes about 16 hours to reach there...fuhhhhh...for sure tired habis....previously he needed to transit to Dubai(10pm) and waited until 8.20am to San and Mr R just msg from its the easiest way rather then as for now...Ive think his headed to Sacremento by driving which takes about a 2hour journey(kwn dier yg drive he said)...luckily they were all 3 off them who go aderla kwn2... bestnyer dieorng didn't need to have international licence to drive Malaysian nyer licence is valid coz ntah mengikut perjanjian aper ntah....I've really hope that Mr R will be doing fine there...and dpt menjalani ibadah puasa dgn ok as his goin there not for a vacation its for work huhu...I've already misz him so....can't wait till next week he'll be back and later on celebrate raya together hehe...ok u guys happy working:)xoxo

Mr R is checking in his luggage

p/s:next post will be the Iftar Gathering Samura batch 18...hope I've had the mood to update about it heheh....cyayok nad..:)

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