Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rank number 16 from the WORLD list..

This week byk sgt DRAMA di ofis...huhu...and it does not make me happy at all...and this week ive not in a good mood to nak beremosi ajer...coz stress dgn work and colleague...sometimes its hard to know which are better to be frends with or tersgtla STRESS!!!...and yesterday while otw to work dgrla HOT FM..and they were discussing on a topic mentioning kedudukan wanita yang stress di dlm list dunia...and Malaysian ladies was rank number 16 from that list..while China is ive remember..the list is based from 100 contries(sorry if I've got the wrong information on exact numbers of contries that was included in the list) dgr from it...ive thought to myself that I'm one of it...from that list...urgh!!!!!!...terlampau sgt stress sampai ngadu la kat Mr R..and he as a gud hubby..yesterday balikla dier ke KL(supposedly ke Melaka)...just to cheer me up...and he really knows how to cheer me taking me to SHOPPING!!!!



my FAV place to shop(Mr R likes it too) at Uniqlo (
as it know opens at KLCC ground floor...they had a range of clothing to choose from top to bottom with affordable price.Mr R loves the exclusive tshirt that they had...yesterday was Gundam,One Piece and Harry Potter's edition(sale in limited time)...and they also had some artist to create their on signiture tshirt for SAVE JAPAN at Uniqlo the best part shopping there you are also donating to the welfare bodies around the world...thats gud right???suker dtg cni jugak sbb kalo masuk ajer kedai ni..bdk2 kedai ni akan greet "Welcome to Uniqlo"hehe..mcm bunyi cute ajer heheh
so here what ive got...TQ Mr R love u:)

the uncleared pic

tadaa!!!hehe...ive had my eyes for this piece for quite a while
now its mine heheh....its DARK PURPLE in coloured...

(sorry for the low seems in black pulak)

Malam tu after layan citer Annisa...tgk cerita ni di HBO..."My Sister's Keeper"...tersgtla touching...while watching this with my mum....both of us cried..(diriku siap lari2 ke belakang nak ambik tisu..sbb nak cover nangis dari Mr R supaya dier tak perasan...hehehe)..mmg bestla tryla tgk for sure NANGIS nyer...yup2..k la back to work mode huhu

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