Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From Choc.Indulgence to Vanilla Indulgence:)

filling for choc indulgence...whipping cream and choc+whipping cream

Murnin...owhhh how i really miss to update anything or babble here...but anyhow my schadule is a bit hectic this week...and im pretty darned tired as for now im FASTING too..heheh(ganti puasa...tommorow last day yeah!!!!)so last and Mr R went back to visit my MIL and the rest of the really anxious for coming back home to me and my SIL have a mission...apparently its my SIL mission meanwhile im just the sebok2 one helper of the day that really wants to know how to make choc indulgence(as my dad loves it so much+my entire family)...heheh so on Saturday(after magrib)me and Mr R headed to angah's and kak yulie's house...for the teaching here is some pic for you guys to view...i've helped her in doing the FILLING...but the special part is...instead of choc.cake we've make it in vanilla..and ive also had the chance to help her in doing one of her customer order...she requested for choc.cake instead...ive really hope the time i did it all by myself for RAYA..heheh insyallah..menjadila yerk hehe...cross my finger for it hehe....:)aper2 pun..Thanks Kak Yulie for teaching me to do the Choc.Indulgence..heheh uve really a gud teacher....tq:)

the cake...need to be slices 3 put the filling



the endproduct..hehe..its time to wobble it up

p/s:time raya hubby suruh wat rendang kerang...OMG!!!!!!!!!


yulies said...

sorry nad, ada technical error.. eh balik raya ni kite buat red velvet nak??? maybe akak raya melaka gak.. so balik la awal skit, bleh buat cookies ngn adik n mieza jugakk.. hehe.. semangatt ni ... oven kecik akak ada kat umah mak.. so boleh running skali kat camelia.. huhu

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

kak yulie:wahhhhhh yeker kak?heheh...bestnyer akak leh rayer sekali kat melaka thun ni....aahhh dah plan pun mmg blik awl...sbb dah bincang dah dgn man...ok2 gud2 semangat nad hehehe:)suker:)forsurela nak akak wat red velvet hehehehe