Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15 days left...and im really nervous!!!!

Hye like freaking out this moment...time passing by quickly and everything is just around the corner there any bits of pieces that ive left out ke?for the wedding preps?erm...stilll thinking huhu...see ive dah start membebel pd diri sendiri..uhuh...skang melayan lagu2 GLEE ajer kat my little pinky sony mp3 ni hhehe...since last month fave song now for sure...MARRY ME remake by the GLEE cast originally sang by Bruno Mars...heheh time dgr mcm happy2+chicky2 ajer gelak sorang2 heheheh...let me see what is left to done:-
i)last fitting this 15Feb(reception attires)
ii) fitting tonite (hopefully shes in) with kak fatin...hehe try out the overall concept for solemnization:)!!!wah ader concept ke??heheh xderla... bincang makeup ajer hehe
iii)hias doorgift VIP+main table
iv)menicure+salon for a nice haircut+threading
v)to make appointment with my dentist
vi)table number!!!!asap
vii)settle my work in the office...heheh tinggal sket ajer lg..then iza balik from her maternity leave..hOoray!!!!

"Is it a looK in your eyes,or is it this dancing Juice
wHo Cares baBy,I Think I wanna MARRY YOU"
XOXO \(^_^)/

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