Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary..To Us:)

HaPpy 2nd AnNiversary Mr R
hehe...sorry terwish awal sehari...siap upload kat instagram lg..
igtkan dah 25th Feb..
despite this month byk ups and down with our life...
and with the news of mama's condition(hope she's getting well soon enough)
sorry tak dpt nak celebrate aper2...just a meaningfull wish yg ive sempat said
anyway hope that our marriage will last till the end..until the last breath drew us apart..insyallah
semoga hati kita berdua kental menghadapi segala pancaroba kehidupan..
thanks for being a gud papa to Lil AA and other babies to come..insyallah
hope that we will lead a happy life till the end..xoxo to u Mr R
Lil AA also wishes us HAPPY ANNIVERSARY papa & mama:)

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Emma said...

happy to you. your blog is so sweet. i like it.