Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our "Munchkin"is Happy 4months:)

Wahhh...raser mcm tak percaya ajer...yg ive already become a mum for about 4months marks the date our lil AA has become does time flies right?within lil gurl ni dah leh start mkn dah...raser mcm tak sbr lak(although i will miss the moment when she directly feeds only kat mama dier) but me and mr r are looking forward for her to start eating skang ni still decide either giving puree or baby led-weaning approach....heheh so mama dier ni still tgh wat research wats best for lil AA...for her 4months gift for i'll guess to get her this kner guner time dah 6month k lil AA(mamanyer tak sbr nak beli dah huhu)

Fresh Food Feeder
Anyway happy 4months k syg...luv u whats her progress for now...erm let me see..
a)tgh berusaha nak mengiringkan diri...still trying
b)leher dah kuat(suker tegakkan kepala dier)
c)time tido dah ok...thank goodness for that
d)suker pada camera....pandai posing hehehe
e)suker play soft books...
f)dier peminat nombor satu rhymes...and berminat pd cartoon2 yg ader unsur Special Agent Oso her fave..:)
so jom tgk si tembam membam yang dah 4bulan ni

lil AA yang sgt manja gan uncle idatnyer

reading her new soft book...about "Where's Elmo"heheh....mcm "Where's Waldo" pulak fav book mamanyer time kanak2 ribena....layan kot...cri2 Waldo yg tersorok...hehhe


Qaseh ElyaNas said...

omeiiiii :) sekejap je ms berlalu kan nad :)

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

vee:aaahhh cpt sgt mser berlalu heheh