Thursday, July 9, 2009

~My SpLeNdiD VACatIon~

well..this is the 1st part of the pic that ive upload hehehehe...later i will post the rest of it hehehe.....erm....its and my family just luv it:)enjoy the pics.....u guys....

Venue : Legend Water Chalet Port Dickson
( we take 2 rooms heheh....its splendid...)
Date : 1st JuLy-4th July 2009
its me feeling the breeze of the sea......
my dad and sis watching the fascinating view...

the long pathway to our rooms

it feels like living in hawaii...hahah

the swimming pool

view from the side

im taking this photo to capture the flowers but iguess the background looks more clearly then the flowers...huhuhu

its quite a distance until we reach our rooms

this is apic when me,my mama and sis were lepaking beside the pool

at last here's the path to our rooms

hey!!!wait for me u guys....

we've stayed in the atlantic chalets...hehehe...they have 4 wings i guess..pacific,antartic and wats the last one ek????

my sis and me

my sis at the lobby

its my turn to pose at the lobby hahahaha..while waiting for our room keys

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